In-situ installation with tape

There are oceans that separate us or that allow us to meet. There are borders that are invisible without maps and there are people who are unaware of all the paradises that can become prisons.

In this exhibition I work with the idea of a visible grid that limits the space in which we all move, but that also makes us locatable and vulnerable within it. It is the map of a country to which we all belong: it shows us where we are and where we want to go.

The space - map - country is activated as soon as the first person enters the exhibition room and with each step within the grid, borders and territories can begin to be recognized.
Is my own body a territory? Who owns it?
To draw a map is to draw its borders.
To have a body is to recognize the volcano we all carry inside, the rivers that cross us.

This body is my last address.

Photo © Jayhyung Kim